Winter Journal One || Targhee Uphill

Instant winter! Last week a mean storm hovered over the Tetons dropping 20-30 inches of snow. The front-end of the storm produced wet heavy snow, while the tail-end yielded fluffy-white dream crystals, making for some nice turns.

Tucked away in the west-side of the Tetons, Grand Targhee Resort saw no relief from this said storm and was blanketed into a winter wonderland. Encouraging pre-season uphill travel, the resort was soon invaded by snow-enjoying locals eager to slide. Slide they did, smiles were abundant and stoke was high.

The first snow always seems to bring the wild out of folks and I dig that. With energetic vibes fueling my fire, I took way to many pictures. Here are few of my favorites.

Peace, love and powder turns my friends. -Patrick

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